District renovated with new upper middle class residential estates, trendy restaurants and specialty retailers. Heavy pedestrian and vehicle Traffic on Hennessy Road and Johnston Road, opportunity to connect with unique shoppers, diners, and up market residents, to catch unique shoppers en route to fashion & sportswear stores.

  • 62W - Three Pacific Place (Arsenal Street)

  • 39E - York Place (Fenwick Street)

  • 41E - Lee Tung Avenue (Luard Road)

  • 43E - Lee Tung Avenue (Southorn Playground)

  • 45E - Taiyau Plaza (Fleming Road)

  • 49E - Canal Road West (Wan Chai Fire Station)

  • 52W - CC Wu Building (Tonnochy Road)

  • 47E - CC Wu Building (Tonnochy Road)

  • 110 - Wong Nai Chung Road (Queen’s Road East)