Cody OUT OF HOME, the Out of Home specialist, provides and pioneers the highest quality, innovation and premium connected on-the-go advertising solutions. We are committed to adapting and transforming the media assets into engaging Outdoor advertising vehicles through state-of-the-art innovation, creating meaningful connections between brands and consumers.

Cody OOH is owned by ARN Media – is a leading media and entertainment business listed on ASX (A1N) in Australia, with diverse assets in Australia and Hong Kong. 


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Eastern Harbour Tunnel, Tai Lam Tunnel, Eagle’s Nest Tunnel, Tate’s Cairn Tunnel, Aberdeen Tunnel & other prestigious billboards


Maximize Coverage with Multi Media Assets


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ARN Media

A leading media and entertainment business listed on the ASX (A1N) in Australia, with diverse assets in Australia and Hong Kong.


One of Australia’s leading Broadcast and On-Demand audio companies. ARN has ownership of 58 radio stations across 33 markets plus 46 DAB+ stations nationwide in addition to digital entertainment platform, iHeartRadio.



Create engaging content that support ARN Media’s core radio and outdoor offering and to grow its audience base.



Cody OOH was appointed as the exclusive licensee for marketing the media spaces on Tram Shelters in May 2017. Since then, they continually impress me with their enthusiasm and innovative spirit to modernize OOH advertising. I am confident that the changes they implement will elevate Tram Shelters to a new level.

My highest commendation goes to Cody OOH for their passion, commitment, creativity and flexibility. Cody OOH always puts our best interests at heart and we are delighted to partner with them.

Cyril Aubin

Managing Director
Hong Kong Tramways Limited

At Western Harbour Tunnel, we always look for quality media sales and marketing partners who can present our media solutions to the needs of discerning advertisers and marketers.

As such, it has been a great partnership with Cody OOH – a trusted business partner who understands OOH and knows how to turn new insights into creative ideas for clients. As a result, we have run a number of highly successful, innovative and impactful campaigns in collaboration with prestige brands such as Mercedes Benz, Cartier, to name a few.

In addition to strategic capability and creativity, we highly appreciate their professional attitude in running their business and operations. We enjoy the benefits of Cody OOH making every effort to always go above and beyond during our long standing partnership. From front-office to back-end support teams, Cody OOH consistently lives up to their reputation for being efficient, reliable and agile. Time and time again, Cody OOH has exceeded expectations.

We treasure Cody OOH as a valued business ally with absolute confidence that Cody OOH will continue to deliver excellent performance in the OOH advertising sector and achieve greater business success for us.

Like us, you will appreciate that you are working with a true strategic partner who is committed to the success of your business and the OOH media industry.

Kenneth Pang

General Manager
Western Harbour Tunnel Co Ltd

Cody OOH has always not only impressed us with their timely and efficient solutions, but also looks out for our company’s best interests and continually demonstrates a commitment to provide professional OOH advertising services. Cody OOH has been, and continues to be, a trusted and valued business partner.

It is such a delightful experience to work with Cody OOH. Given that Cody OOH possesses an extensive portfolio of outdoor media platforms and professional team providing diversified service, we have no hesitation in recommending them and we look forward to achieving continues success together.

Simon Cheng

General Manager
Pacific Infrastructure Limited